The success of Mctronic Industries Sdn. Bhd. is founded on its corporate philosophy pioneered by Mr.Tan Meng Chai who is also the founder of Mctronic Industries Sdn. Bhd. which could be traced back into the very core of the ancient and traditional Chinese and Japanese cultural value and mores.

The application of the above corporate philosophy permeates in Mctronic’s daily efforts and endeavors for excellence be it in the building up of mutual trust with customers, suppliers and employees, providing total customer satisfaction, participating in globalization and contributing so society, creating good track record and ideas by setting as model for bench-marking, improving environment, developing new market shares and using the most comfortable calculation and solution for future expansion and development.

Recent development has seen Mctronic committing itself to a Green Globe Environmental Policies wherein:-

1. To have a proper control method, management for hazardous and banning substances from being used in material, part, process and packaging.

2. To comply with environmental rules and regulations, directives, legislations of local and international.

3. To enhance knowledge and awareness environmental related issue for all employees.

4. To prioritize all manufacturing process towards the preservation and conservation of global environment by reuse, reducing, recycle and proper waste management.

In summary, Mctronic seeks to implement “Daily KaiZen” concept into all employees by requiring employees to engage in self-improvement courses and trainings in order to exert their best effort for better technology service and to foster creativity to contribute to the Mctronic’s development.